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Overseas Technical Expert


Job Description:

1.Understand the latest information and technology of the pharmaceutical packaging in overseas market, and guide the implementation of the technology internally in the factory.
2.Assist the team to standardize the necessary docs for overseas market such as (product info, technology file etc.)
3.Participate in refining and writing the USP of Zhengli products. 
4.Counsel Zhengli to understand the European regulations of the pharmaceuticals and help Zhengli to register relevant products in Europe.
5.Help Zhengli to find, evaluate and graft the patents of pharmaceutical packaging and drug delivery system from overseas market and introduce them into Chinese market.
6.Represent Zhengli to participate the pharmaceutical industry forum in overseas market.
7.Organize some marketing activities to develop overseas market, such as organize webinar, join the overseas exhibitions etc.
8.Participate in oversea customer’s project technical meetings. 
9.Assist and review the contents of Zhengli’s marketing technical documents.
10.Represent Zhengli to join the local medical association.
11.Other cooperation internally. 


Job Qualification:

1. Need 5-8 years of working experience in large pharmaceutical factories or pharmaceutical packaging industry, minimum 3 years of technical background in pharmaceutical industry. 
2. Familiar with local pharmaceutical resources.
3. Understand the latest technology and cutting-edge information of the pharmaceutical packaging industry, such as COP related products, etc. 
4. Familiar with the market access, regulations, policies and registration related in the European market 
5. Familiar with various patent information of the pharmaceutical industry. 
6. Familiar with the technical requirements of the pharmaceutical packaging factory audit.
7. Familiar with technology access of large pharmaceutical factories. 
8. Fluent in English for both speaking, writing etc.

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