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We, Zemley Pharma Novotech ( Ningbo) Co.,Ltd, is invested by Zhengli Investment and majorly focus on the Pharmaceutical Packaging Exporting and Introduction of Pharmaceutical Technology

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We are a professional provider of Pharmaceutical Packaging and One-Stop Solutions for pharmaceuticals.  Zemley Pharma is our overseas marketing brand belongs to Ningbo Zhengli Pharmaceutical Packaging who was founded in 1991.
Our Annual Production Capacity (2021)
Tubular Vials: 2 billion pieces; Glass Pre-fillable Syringes:100 million; Glass Cartridges: 100 million; Ampoules: 600 million
Our Market Position
We occupy 80% market share in the field of biological vaccine while 50% in the high-end special drugs area in domestic market. We are honored to be the major packaging supplier for COVID-19 Vaccine.
Our Vision
For a safer and more convenient Pharmaceutical Packaging, for a better life! Safety, Reliability, One-Stop Solution
Our History
If you are interested in the history about us, here show you the Timeline which you can go through to learn of the key events and highlights which led us from establishment in 1991 right up to the present day.
Our Workshop
All our products are produced in cGMP qualified workshop with 100% auto light inspection to ensure the high quality of the delivery.
Meet the Team
We are supported by a group of a big family to ensure you a better service and good quality.

Ningbo Zhengli Pharmaceutical Packaging Co.,Ltd

Overseas Marketing Office:
Zemley Pharma Novotech (Ningbo) Co., Ltd
Add:Room 10-2-2,No 1-1 Building,East District of New Materials Innovation Center,
High Tech Zone, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province,China.315000

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