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Overseas Sales Director


Job Description:
1.Collect relevant product information of overseas competitors and peers (especially for the new products) 
2.Collect specific information of overseas competitors and peers' such as operating conditions, market strategies, marketing methods, etc.
3.Sort out the potential customer list in overseas market and design the developing strategies related to corresponding customer.
4.Arrange and active in developing overseas local market activities, including but not limited to overseas exhibitions, industry forums, webinar, etc. 
5.Responsible for overseas customer development related work, including but not limited to customer visits, demand collection, quotation, after-sales, etc. 
6.Implement the company sales strategy to achieve overseas sales targets.

Job Qualification:

1.More than 5 years of working experience in a large pharmaceutical factories or pharmaceutical packaging industry.
2. Experience in cooperation with large pharmaceutical companies is preferred.

3. Familiar with pharmaceuticals in Europe. 
4. Fluent in English for both speaking, writing etc.

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